Game Design & Development

At Wixtin Ltd, we have the expertise for the job. With our team of expert game developers, we can transform your idea into a striking game that makes the audience want to play.


Android and iOS

Almost all smartphones are either Android or iOS. We convert your ideas into reality games that are playable on both Android and iOS, thus giving your games a bigger platform to grow and have a bigger audience that will be hooked up.


Unity 2D and 3D

Unity is one of the most famous and widely used game engines in the world. It can be used to create stunning 2D or 3D games that are not only beautiful but efficient too. We can develop a stunning Unity-based game for both iOS and Android.


A game that can meet all your needs. If you have a very unique or very complex game in mind and are not even sure that it can be made. Our expert team of HTML5 developers will develop a game for you that will meet all your expectations.